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Olive Borden

Olive died on October 1, 1947 at the young age of forty-one. Her official cause of death was cirrhosis of the liver. She had been suffering from alcoholism for many years and had recently been diagnosed with pneumonia. Her beloved mother Sibbie was at her bedside when she passed away. Olive had spent her final days living at The Sunshine Mission, a women's shelter in Los Angeles. The only possessions she had were a scrapbook of clippings and her lucky pansy ring. Near her bed she kept a photo of her younger self with the inscription "Sincerely yours, Olive Borden". In her last interview she said "The whole world has fallen in on me. But the doctors will make me well." Her funeral was held at the mission and Sister Essie Binkley West gave the eulogy.

Olive Borden Sibbie BordenOlive Borden Sibbie Borden
Olive with her mother Sibbie in 1927 (left) and on her deathbed in 1947 (right)

Olive Borden

Olive's former costar Cornelius Keefe and director John Boland were the only Hollywood friends who attended. Her mother Sibbie said "On the other side of town they call this Skid Row. But maybe it's just as well it happened this way. Ollie died among the people who really loved her and idealized her. She was happy". Olive was buried at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, California. The epitaph on her grave reads ' Olive Borden Beloved Daughter 1906-1947". When Sibbie Borden passed away in 1959 she was buried next to her daughter. Their graves can be found in the middle of the Liberty section. Forest Lawn is located at 1712 South Glendale Avenue.

Olive Borden GraveOlive Borden Sibbie Borden Graves
Olive's grave at Forest Lawn

Olive Borden Death Certificate
Olive's death certificate

Olive Borden

Olive Borden ObituaryOlive Borden Obituary