Saturday, March 4, 2017

Olive's Movies

Between 1923 and 1934 Olive appeared in more than fifty films. Sadly many of her silent films have now been lost.


Chloe, Love Is Calling You * WATCH IT *

The Inventors (short) * WATCH A SCENE *


Leave It to Me (also known as Help)

Gobs Of Fun (short) * WATCH IT *

Hotel Variety

The Mild West (short) * WATCH IT *


The Social Lion * WATCH IT *

The Divorce Racket


Hello Sister


Wedding Rings (this is a lost film)

Dance Hall * WATCH IT *

Half Marriage * WATCH IT *

The Eternal Woman (this is a lost film)

Love in the Desert (this is a lost film)


Sinners in Love (a print exists in France)

Stool Pigeon (this is a lost film)

Gang War (this is a lost film)

Virgin Lips (this is a lost film)

The Albany Night Boat


The Joy Girl (this film was recently FOUND)

Secret Studio


Come to My House (this is a lost film)

The Monkey Talks * WATCH IT *


The Country Beyond

Three Bad Men * WATCH A SCENE *

Fig Leaves * WATCH A SCENE *

My Own Pal (this is a lost film)

The Yankee Senor

Yellow Fingers (a print exists the Museum of Modern Art)

The Uneasy Three (short)


The Happy Warrior (this is a lost film)

Grounds for Divorce (this is a lost film)

The Overland Limited (preserved by The Library of Congress)

Good Morning, Nurse (short) * WATCH IT *

Tell It to a Policeman (short)

 Bad Boy (short) ~ Olive is an extra * WATCH IT *

The Dressmaker from Paris (this is a lost film)

Excuse My Glove ~ Olive is an extra

Riders Of The Kitchen Range (short) ~ Olive is an extra * WATCH IT *

Should Husbands Be Watched? (short) * WATCH IT *


Poor Fish (short) ~ Olive is an extra * WATCH IT *

The Royal Razz (short)

Lost Dog ~ Olive is an extra

Too Many Mammas (short) * WATCH IT *

Seeing Nellie Home (short) ~ Olive is an extra * WATCH IT *

Outdoor Pajamas (short) ~ Olive is an extra * WATCH IT *

Just a Good Guy (short)

South O' The North Pole ~ Indian Squaw

Should Landlords Live? (short)

Our Congressman (short) ~ Woman on golf course

Why Men Work (short)

A Truthful Liar ~ Olive is an extra

Sweet Daddy ~ Woman in car

Don't Park There (short) ~ Olive is an extra * WATCH IT *

A Hard Boiled Tenderfoot ~ Olive is an extra

Air Pockets (short) * WATCH IT *

Wide Open (short)

Neck and Neck (short)


A Twosome At Tuara

Ponjola ~ Olive is an extra (this is a lost film)