Olive's Movies & Where To Watch Them

Between 1923 and 1934 Olive appeared in more than sixty films. Sadly many of her silent films are now considered lost. Here is a list of Olive's movies and links to where you can watch them ...


Chloe, Love Is Calling You ~ Chloe / Betty Ann * WATCH IT *

The Inventors (short) ~ The teacher * WATCH A SCENE *


Leave It to Me (also known as Help) ~ Peavy

Gobs Of Fun (short) ~ Lulu * WATCH IT *

Hotel Variety

The Mild West (short) ~ Baby Doll * WATCH IT *


The Divorce Racket ~ Marie


The Social Lion ~ Gloria  * WATCH IT *

Hello Sister ~ Vee * WATCH A SCENE *


Wedding Rings ~ Eve (this is a lost film)

Dance Hall ~ Gracie * WATCH IT *

Half Marriage ~ Judy * WATCH IT *

The Eternal Woman ~ Anita (this is a lost film)

Olive Borden Hugh Trevor
Love in the Desert ~ Zarah (this is a lost film)


Sinners in Love ~ Ann (a print exists in France)

Stool Pigeon ~ Goldie (this is a lost film)

Gang War ~ Flowers (this is a lost film)

Virgin Lips ~ Norma (this is a lost film)

Olive Borden Ralph Emerson
The Albany Night Boat ~ Georgie


The Joy Girl ~ Jewel (this film was recently FOUND)

Secret Studio ~ Rosemary

Pajamas ~ Angela

Come to My House ~ Joan (this is a lost film)

The Monkey Talks ~ Olivette * WATCH IT *


The Country Beyond ~ Valencia

My Own Pal ~ Alice (this is a lost film)

The Yankee Senor ~ Manuelita

Yellow Fingers ~ Saina (a print exists the Museum of Modern Art)

Three Bad Men ~ Lee * WATCH A SCENE *

Fig Leaves ~ Eve * WATCH A SCENE *


Fox News short ~ Olive appears as herself * WATCH IT *

The Happy Warrior ~ Ima (this is a lost film)

The Overland Limited ~ Ruth (preserved by The Library of Congress)

Good Morning, Nurse (short) ~ Nurse May * WATCH IT *

Tell It to a Policeman (short) ~ Female thief * WATCH IT *

Grounds for Divorce ~ Model (this is a lost film)

Olive Borden Paul Bern
The Dressmaker from Paris ~ A mannequin (this is a lost film)

Excuse My Glove ~ Extra

Riders Of The Kitchen Range (short) ~ Extra * WATCH IT *

 Bad Boy (short) ~ Extra * WATCH IT *

Should Husbands Be Watched? (short) ~ The new maid * WATCH IT *


Too Many Mammas (short) ~ The girlfriend * WATCH IT *

The Poor Fish (short) ~ Extra * WATCH IT *

The Royal Razz (short) ~ Extra

Lost Dog (short) ~ Extra

Hot Stuff (short) ~ Extra

Deaf Dumb and Daffy (short) ~ Extra

Seeing Nellie Home (short) ~ Extra * WATCH IT *

The Battling Orioles (short) ~ Extra * WATCH IT *

Sky Plumber (short) ~ Extra

Just a Good Guy (short) ~ Slippery Sue

Should Landlords Live? (short) ~ Supporting role

Don't Park There (short) ~ Extra * WATCH IT *

A Hard Boiled Tenderfoot (short) ~ Extra

A Truthful Liar (short) ~ Extra

South O' The North Pole (short) ~ Indian Squaw

All Wet (short) ~ Female boarder * WATCH IT *

The Rubber-Neck (short) ~ Extra

The White Sheep (short) ~ Extra

Meet The Missus (short) ~ Extra

Outdoor Pajamas (short) ~ Extra * WATCH IT *

Why Men Work (short) ~ Supporting role

Our Congressman (short) ~ Woman on golf course

Sweet Daddy ~ Woman in car

Air Pockets (short) ~ Morgan's daughter * WATCH IT *

Midnight Blues ~ Supporting role

Wide Open (short) ~ Supporting role

Neck and Neck (short) ~ Supporting role (a print exists in a Czech film archive)


Children of Jazz (this is a lost film)

A Twosome At Tuara

Ponjola ~ Native girl (this is a lost film)