Olive At The Sunshine Mission

By 1945 Olive was bankrupt and had a serious drinking problem. She had worked several odd jobs but said "something always goes wrong". Unable to afford a place to live Olive moved into the Sunshine Mission, a home for destitute women in the "skid row" section Los Angeles. Her mother Sibbie worked in the mission's commissary. Olive spent her days scrubbing floors and taking care of the children who lived there. On Thanksgiving she helped serve dinner to the homeless. Her final acting performance was in the mission's 1946 Christmas pageant. Olive claimed she had become a born again Christian. She said "I have found the one thing Hollywood couldn't give me - happiness." In the Spring of 1947 Olive became depressed and left the mission. Her mother found her several months later living in a run down motel. Olive returned to the Sunshine Mission but she was suffering from pneumonia. She passed away a few weeks later at the young age of 41.