Trivia About Olive

Olive Borden

~ Olive always wore a pink and green pansy ring. It was made out of her father's stickpin and she said it her good luck charm.

~ She watched all of her movies several times so she could study each performance and learn to be a  better actress

~ Columnist Jimmie Fiddler was her first press agent. He said she was "unforgettable for the perfect beauty of her figure".

Olive Borden

~ At one time Olive owned fourteen fur coats! When she started having financial problems she had to sell all of them.

~ She loved to swim in her pool and play golf

~ Her best friend was her mother Sibbie. They always lived together until Olive moved to New York City in 1930.

Olive Borden

~ Olive was five feet, four inches tall and weighed just 105 pounds. To stay in shape she would run up and down her stairs every day.

~ In July of 1927 she bought a custom built Lincoln car with a convertible top. It was the only one of it's kind on the West coast.

~ Although the characters she played often smoked cigarettes Olive did not smoke in real life

Olive Borden

~ Olive wore a size 2 shoe. Her feet were so small she had to have special shoes made.

~ In January of 1945 she was a the judge at a 10th Annual Championship cat show in Hollywood

Olive Borden

~ She was once fired from her job as a movie extra because the director didn't like the way she looked

~ Olive underwent an emergency appendectomy in August of 1926. She returned to work five weeks later.

~ Accused murderer Lizzie Borden was one of Olive's distant relatives

Olive Borden Nude

~ Early in her career she posed for for some nude photos

~ Even though Olive never graduated high school she could speak French and knew how to play the piano

Olive Borden Dog

~ Olive had a pet wire-haired terrier

~ In 1958 Olive was one of the first eight celebrities to be honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Her star is located at the corner of Hollywood Boulevard and Highland Avenue.

~ She almost drowned while filming a scene in the 1926 movie Yellow Fingers

Olive Borden

~ She had a large collection of dolls

~ When Olive was an infant she was baptized at St. Patrick's Cathedral in Baltimore, Maryland

~ Olive's long black hair became her trademark look. She cut her hair into a bob in 1929.

Olive Borden

~ She appeared in ads for Kissproof lipstick and Lux soap

~ Olive claimed she was never able to cry onscreen.

~ In 1935 she and comic Earl Faber toured the country with a stage act called "The Hollywood Revue". It was her last professional acting job.

Olive Borden