Monday, February 27, 2017


~ Olive always wore a pink and green pansy ring. The ring was made out of her father's stickpin and she considered it her good luck charm.

~ She wore a size 2 shoe. Olive's feet were so small she had to have special shoes made.

~ Olive weighed only 105 pounds. To stay in shape she would run up and down her stairs every day.

~ She hated seeing herself on the screen and never watched one of her finished movies

~ At one time she owned fourteen fur coats. When Olive started having financial problems she had to sell all of them.

~ Columnist Jimmie Fiddler was Olive's first press agent. He said she was "unforgettable for the perfect beauty of her figure".

~ When Olive was cast in the 1925 film The Dressmaker In Paris she only owned one dress

~ Accused murderer Lizzie Borden was one of her distant relatives

~ In July of 1927 Olive bought a custom built Lincoln car with a convertible top. It was the only one of it's kind on the West coast.

~ Although the characters she played often smoked cigarettes Olive did not smoke in real life

~ Olive had a Swedish maid named Margaret Johnson

~ When Olive died she was broke. The only possessions she had were a scrapbook of clippings and a photo of herself that was signed "Sincerely yours, Olive Borden".

~ She was close friends with actor Cornelius Keefe

~ In 1925 she was named one of the 13 WAMPAS (Western Association Of Motion Picture Advertisers) Baby Stars. The other baby stars included June Marlowe, Betty Arlen, and her cousin Natalie Joyce.

~ Olive made her New York stage debut on December 20, 1930. She had the lead role in a play called "The Devil Is A Lady".

~ Olive could speak French and she knew how to play the piano

~ In August of 1926 Olive underwent an emergency appendectomy in San Francisco. She returned to work five weeks later.

~ One of her favorite hobbies was playing golf

~ In 1958 Olive was one of the first eight celebrities to be honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Her star is located at the corner of Hollywood Boulevard and Highland Avenue.

~ She was five feet, four inches tall and had brown eyes

~ When Olive was a child she went to Sacred Heart Catholic grade school in Norfolk, Virginia. She was one of the first students to attend the school when it opened in 1920.

~ One of her favorite hobbies was playing golf

~ Olive's cousin was actress Natalie Joyce

~ In 1929 she dyed her hair blonde and cut it into a bob for the movie Dance Hall

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