Olive During World War 2

Olive at Fort Des Moines

During World War 2 Olive volunteered as a nurse's aid in New York City. She decided to join the Women's Auxiliary Army Corps (WAAC) in December of 1942. Thirty-six year old Olive was sent to Fort Des Moines in Iowa. She earned $12.50 a week driving an ambulance. Olive told a reporter that being in the WAAC was much harder than being an actress. She said  "I didn't have any children dependant on me. I wanted to help where I could do the most good". In 1943 she received a citation for bravery when she she turned over an enemy ammunition truck. Olive was forced to leave the Army when she injured her ankle. She spent several weeks in the hospital and was given an honorable discharge in 1944. Olive moved back to Hollywood where she tried to resume her acting career.