Olive's Borden's Story

"In all things I'm an extremist - way up or way down. The slightest disappointment enfolds me in the blackest gloom and when things go right I'm so thrilled that I can't sleep or eat or even sit still." ~ Olive

During the 1920's Olive Borden was one of Hollywood's most popular stars but by the age of forty-one she was penniless and forgotten. Olive Mary Borden was born on July 14, 1906, in Norfolk, Virginia. Tragically her father, Harry Borden, died of typhoid fever when she was just fourteen months old. Her widowed mother, Sibbie Shields Borden, moved them to Mt. Washington, Maryland where she managed a restaurant. Olive was an only child and she developed a very close relationship with her mother. During her teen years she attended Mount St. Agnes Academy, a Catholic boarding school in Baltimore. She was very ambitious and dreamed of becoming an actress. In 1922 she persuaded Sibbie to take her to Hollywood. Just two days after arriving Olive got a job …

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